A Message for Charlottesville

Staunton City logo with seal

August 14, 2017

Mayor Michael Signer
P.O. Box 911, City Hall
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Dear Mayor Signer:

I could not sit by silently without sharing my condolences and expressing my strong solidarity with you and the entire citizenry of Charlottesville following the acts of domestic terrorism, hatred and aggression you experienced over the weekend.

As a regional neighbor just 40 miles west of your charming, beautifully diverse and charitable community, I feel immensely connected to Charlottesville and its people. I know your core values and your resolve in exemplifying those values. Many residents of our respective localities visit and work in each other’s communities, contributing to the generosity, compassion and unabashed welcoming character found in both of our cities.

That’s why the events of the weekend weigh so heavily on my heart and many others here in Staunton. The ugly reality that the underbelly of our society could have come to Staunton, or to any city or town in America, and carried out the same despicable and bigoted behavior is absolutely unacceptable, and proof that we must remain vigilant and work even harder to foster love and open-mindedness, to be inclusive and to categorically reject bigotry without exception.

My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the racism and violence unleashed on your city, and their families and friends, as well as the leaders of Charlottesville, local and state law enforcement and other first responders, who acted admirably in the face of great adversity. My support is with you as you work to heal the wounds inflicted on your community. And most importantly, I share your commitment to having the necessary and tough conversations ahead and taking the actions essential to ensuring that our cities, and ultimately, our nation, are safe and welcoming havens for all people.

In solidarity,

Carolyn W. Dull