Get the Leaf Collection Schedule

OCTOBER 13, 2017 — The City will begin its leaf collection program Oct. 30 to assist residents with the removal of fallen leaves. The collection will continue through mid-January. Seven leaf pickup areas have been outlined on the map below (see bottom of page), and each zone will receive pickup twice during its assigned period.

Individual street schedules will not be provided.

Leaf collection will be suspended on City holidays, including Nov. 23, Nov. 24, Dec. 25, Dec. 26, and Jan. 1.

How to Participate

To receive leaf collection at your residence, rake leaves to the curb or street right-of-way by the beginning of your scheduled collection weeks as shown on the map. Rocks, sticks, brush and other objects must be kept out of leaf piles as they can cause damage to city machinery and delay the program. The city will not attempt to collect leaf piles containing damaging items.

Residents are reminded to avoid pushing leaves into gutters, drain pipes and drop inlets so as not to block the free flow of water.

What Happens to the Leaves After Collection?

The City will make compost with the leaves collected and also provide them to local farms for composting.


Please call Public Works at 540.332.3892.