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GIS Information

  • View FEMA Flood Zone boundaries
  • View Property boundaries
  • View Zoning Map
  • View Enterprise Zone boundaries
  • View Historic District Boundaries
  • View School Districts and School locations
  • View Annexation History
  • View Voting Wards and Polling Locations
  • View Current and Historical Imagery of the City

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Real Estate Information

  • View, Search, & Print Ownership information
  • View, Search & Print Assessment information
  • View, Search & Print Sales History
  • Produce Sales Comparable Reports
  • Integrated Mapping Component
    • Aerial Photography Basemap
    • Streets Basemap
    • USGS Topo Maps Basemap
    • Dynamic Map Parcel Selection tool


Access to and use of the City of Staunton’s Geographic Information System maps and data (“GIS Information”) is permitted expressly on the following conditions with which any user agrees: The GIS Information is provided as a general public information service as part of the City of Staunton’s governmental function. The GIS information is dynamic and constantly undergoing modification and at any moment may be incomplete or untimely as to past, current, or future circumstances. While reasonable effort has been made to have it generally be accurate, the GIS Information is of a limited nature and intended only as general reference FOR USE AT THE SOLE RISK OF THE USER. Any user should verify any GIS Information from another, independent source. No assurance, warranty or guarantee of any kind is made as to the accuracy or completeness of the GIS Information, and no person on behalf of the City of Staunton has any authority to make any representation otherwise. The City of Staunton assumes no—and disclaims all— responsibility or liability for any use of the GIS Information, and DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, including but not limited to ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. No person on behalf of the City of Staunton has any authority to modify this or any other disclaimer. Furthermore, the City of Staunton assumes no—and disclaims all— liability for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the GIS Information, regardless of the cause of such or for any decision made, action taken, or action not taken by the user. Please consult official City maps and records for official information. Any resale of this information is prohibited, and this full Disclaimer is to be incorporated and included in any further use of the GIS Information. I understand and accept these conditions.