Council Procedures

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Council is governed by a set of procedures as described in the Council Procedure Memoranda.

The memoranda explain:

  • How the Council interacts with the City Manager and City employees
  • How City Council meetings are conducted
  • How meeting agendas are set and managed
  • How Council members’ cast their votes
  • How speakers should approach the Council
  • How ordinances are adopted
  • How the Council requests funding for organizations
  • How the Council tracks the progress of capital improvement funding provided to outside agencies
  • How grant applications are approved and submitted
  • How the Council makes its spending decisions, including for compensation and travel
  • How the Council names public facilities
  • How members of Boards and Commissions are appointed

Speaking & Presenting to City Council

If you plan to address City Council during a public hearing or regular meeting, please adhere to the following procedures:

  • A speaker from the floor must speak into the microphone and give their name and address. Each speaker will be limited to five minutes. This announcement shall be made at the beginning of each Council meeting, when necessary.
  • A public hearing applicant’s presentation shall be limited to five minutes.
  • All persons speaking for or against a matter during a public hearing shall be limited to five minutes and allowed to speak only if the point has not previously been made.
  • There shall only be one rebuttal by the applicant, limited to five minutes.
  • After the public hearing is closed, no person in the audience may speak again on the item.

A majority vote of Council may waive any of the limits set for the speakers.