The Assessor's Office ensures that the burden of real estate taxation is distributed fairly among all property owners in the City consistent with the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The assessor values approximately 11,500 real estate parcels in the City, which have a combined value of more than $2.2 billion. All real estate in the City of Staunton is reassessed every two years in the odd- numbered years. Assessments carry an effective date of January 1. The value of new construction or renovation work is added every year. 

Real Estate Assessments

The current real estate tax rate is $0.95 per hundred of assessed value. The real estate tax is an ad valorem tax, meaning that the tax levied is directly proportional to the assessed value of the property being taxed. The greater the property value, the greater the tax.

To learn more about the appraisal process and real estate tax, and to access public information about individual real estate parcels, check out these resources:

Additional information is available via the City’s online GIS Maps, where you can access topographical information from other sources.