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Pursuant to Sections 19.2-339-368 in the Code of Virginia, and Rule 1:24, the Supreme Court of Virginia, the following are guidelines for the payment of fines, costs and restitution in this Court:

1. If unable to pay all fines, costs, and restitution in full within thirty days of sentencing, a defendant may pay in one deferred payment or in installments.

2. In setting the terms of deferred payment or installment plans the Court will consider the specific financial conditions and other court obligations of the defendant.

3. The payment date in a deferred payment plan shall be set by the Clerk and in no case will payment be due more than one year from date of sentencing.

4. A deferred payment plan may be set up only once

5. An installment plan will require monthly payments of at least $25.00., the actual amount to be set by the Clerk

6. After default on the initial payment plan, a down payment will be required on any subsequent payment plan in an amount equal to ten percent of the amount owned if the fines and costs owed are less than $500, or the greater of five percent or $50.00 if the fines and costs owed are more than $500.00.

7 . A defendant may, upon approval of the court, pay fines and costs, but not restitution, by participation in a community service program.

8. Any request for modification of an existing payment agreement must be in writing, on the statutory form. For good cause shown, the Court or Clerk may alter the terms of payment agreements.



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