Adopt-A-Stream Program

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Adopt A StreamThe Adopt-a-Stream Program provides an opportunity for citizens and civic groups to get involved in the beautification of the community and litter cleanup of designated stream reaches.

Individuals, organizations and businesses may apply to participate in the program. Participants agree to remove litter and other debris from a designated stream reach on a regular interval. The City provides program participants materials to help with the cleanup.

In exchange, a sign bearing the name of the participating organization will be installed at the designated cleanup area. The City absorbs the cost of producing, installing and maintaining the sign.

Eligible Streams

Selected streams maintained by the City are eligible for adoption. Eligible sections will be determined by the City. Those stream sections determined unsafe will not be eligible for adoption. Selected privately owned streams may also be eligible for adoption providing the property owner gives written consent allowing access to their property and is one of the signatories of the Adopt-a-Stream agreement.

For more information, email the City’s MS4 Program Coordinator or call 540.332.3858.