Stormwater Utility Fee Program

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Protecting the City’s environment and meeting federal and state regulations inevitably increases costs, as the City installs new stormwater facilities, maintains existing facilities, and ensures that all new construction meets state standards.

The Stormwater Utility Fee Program was established to provide the funding to set and achieve the City’s environmental goals. View the Bi-monthly Rate Table for Stormwater Utility Fees.   

Program Goals

  • Provide a funding mechanism to provide adequate resources for public stormwater management improvements
  • Maintain and repair existing stormwater infrastructure
  • Replace inadequate existing stormwater infrastructure
  • Implement projects to minimize flooding potential and damage
  • Implement projects to improve water quality in local streams and tributaries
  • Inspect and monitor stormwater management facilities to ensure optimal performance

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why am I being billed for property that drains into the county?

  • What is the Stormwater Utility; how are the fees calculated; and how are the funds being spent?

  • Why am I being billed when there is no city storm drain next to my property?

  • I have reported drainage problems on my property – why am I being billed when the city has not fixed these problems?

  • Why am I being billed for so much impervious area when I really have less than that?

  • Why is my crushed stone driveway considered impervious?

  • Can the city come out to my property to confirm my bill amount and/or find ways I can get credits to reduce my bill?

  • Why were we not given advanced warning that this was coming?

  • How can I get the address “corrected” on my billed property?

  • Up until now renters have paid the Stormwater Utility. Why are the landlords now being billed, and why can’t it stay like it was?

  • How can I get the owner and/or property data “corrected” on my billed property?

  • Are there any properties exempt from the Stormwater Utility fee?

  • Can I get stormwater utility bills for all my properties combined on a single bill?

  • Can I get a yearly bill instead of a bi-monthly bill?