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Talking books from National Library Services (NLS) are available on digital talking-book cartridges. These require specially designed playback equipment which is loaned free to eligible individuals and institutions who are registered patrons of the Talking Book Center.

Special accessories are also loaned free of charge.

For more information about the playback machines, please read the NLS Factsheet: Playback Machines & Accessories.

Digital Standard Player

The digital standard player is the latest version of the playback machines which were made available beginning in late 2009, and the newest NLS recorded books are on digital cartridges. 

The advantage of these machines is that they are smaller and each cartridge contains an entire book. The digital book collection at the Staunton Talking Book Center numbers over 20,800 volumes and is being added to at the rate of 275 titles a month. The number available to patrons with internet connections is larger as they can access the NLS catalog and download books using the BARD (Braille & Audio Recording Download) website.


  • Plays NLS digital talking books
  • Plays Daisy 2.02 digital talking books
  • Plays AMR-WB+, MP3, and WAV audio files
  • Has eight controls
  • Includes a variable speed control that permits speeding up or slowing down playback speed without changing the pitch
  • Portable
  • Equipped with a rechargeable battery and an electrical cord
  • Includes built-in audio instructions for using the digital machine