Healthy Environmental Afterschool Recreation Time (HEART)

HEART is a latchkey program that provides recreational activities and a home away from home to children of working parents. If you have concerns about your child being at home alone or under-supervised, the HEART program is a reputable and affordable solution for your family.

This program has an established history, with its roots dating back to more than 30 years ago. The HEART program was piloted at McSwain Elementary School and has since branched out to each elementary school in Staunton, developing a credible and professional reputation. The program is available before and after school.

The HEART program is operating as a program exempt from licensure with basic health and safety requirements but has no direct oversight by the Department of Social Services

Program Activities

HEART activities include games, music, rhythm and dance, arts and crafts, special events, field trips, homework supervision, indoor and outdoor unstructured free play, movies, snacks and special occasion parties.

This year’s program includes ongoing efforts to offer enrichment to our students and to enhance what is already provided by Staunton City Schools. Featured activities this year include art time with creation artist Sandra Carter and our favorite animated storytellers, Karen and Martha, from the Staunton Public Library.

Our Staff

We have a qualified and trustworthy HEART staff, who bring extensive training and experience to their jobs. Our program has little staff turnover from year to year. The staff understand that parents want their children to be kept safe and feel acceptance and belonging. Most of our staff are parents and grandparents, which can be very reassuring given staff maturity is the common denominator when establishing security and trust in a caregiver relationship.

HEART Program Goals

  • Safe, healthy environment
  • Mature, qualified and trained staff
  • Assist with developing interests, talents and self-confidence
  • Healthy snacks
  • Reliable playmates and staff
  • Variety of fun activities
  • Nurturing environment
  • Diverse
  • Balance of activities to fit various learning styles and personalities

Enrollment Fees

The HEART program is available before and after school. Parents may enroll their children in one or both periods.

Before School

Provided before school begins at Staunton City elementary schools. For working parents whose child’s maturity doesn’t allow for the child to be at home alone or to get ready for school and board a school bus by themselves.

  • Cost: $34 per month
  • Register: At Montgomery Hall Park Administration building, 540.332.3945

After School

Provides a “home away from home” after school hours at Staunton City elementary schools.

  • Cost: $135 per month
  • Register: At Montgomery Hall Park Administration building, 540.332.3945

Registration for both the before school and after school programs is $155 per month.