Historic Preservation Districts

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Because Staunton has a wealth of historic architecture, the City has created five nationally registered Historic Preservation Districts. The creation of the Historic districts helps preserve these valuable resources for the generations to come.  The five historic districts are Gospel Hill, Beverley, The Wharf, Stuart Addition, and Newtown.

The Historic Preservation Commission, appointed by City Council, reviews and approves repairs, and modifications to homes, buildings, fences, walls, and other site details in the five districts as regulated by Section 18.85 of the Staunton City Code. Additionally, the Residential Historic District Design Guidelines and The Secretary of the Interior Illustrated Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings provide guidance on work performed in the districts. Below are some useful links to help educate and assist in performing work within the Historic Districts.

The Historic Staunton Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting the preservation and revitalization of the architectural and historic resources in the City, sponsors several programs and services supporting Staunton's Historic Preservation Districts. Programs include ongoing walking tours and preservation programs as well as preservation services for residents, business owners, and developers.

Historic District Residential and Commercial Guidelines

The City of Staunton, with the assistance of Historic Staunton Foundation, applied for, and was awarded, a grant from the Department of Historic Resources last year as part of a cost share survey and planning grant program.  That grant was for the creation of commercial guidelines for Staunton’s Historic Districts.  Architectural and planning firm, Frazier Associates, took the City’s existing residential guidelines and combined them into one document with the new commercial and sign guidelines to create one new comprehensive document.  The Historic Preservation Commission has reviewed two draft copies of the guidelines and their suggested changes have been incorporated into the final draft. 


Scheduled Public Hearings                              Date                                            Time                     Location

Historic Preservation Commission            September 25, 2018         5:30 p.m.             City Council Chambers 

Planning Commission                                         November 15, 2018          5:30 p.m.             City Council Chambers

City Council                                                              December 13, 2018          7:30 p.m.             City Council Chambers