The Staunton Police Department (SPD) is led by Chief Jim Williams and consists of 52 sworn officers and 16 full-time civilian employees. In addition to providing 24-hour patrol coverage and criminal investigative functions, the department is very active in community policing.

Our Mission

The Staunton Police Department is charged with the duty and privilege of protecting and serving all persons within our jurisdiction. We are committed to the prevention of crime; the protection of life and property; the preservation of peace and public order; and the safeguarding of Constitutional guarantees. It is only with the commitment to public cooperation that we can successfully carry out this mission.


Chief of Police

James E. Williams

Jessica L. Bazzrea

Law Enforcement Services

Captain B.K. Brown

Patrol Shift Commanders

Lieutenant E. J. Salemi
Lieutenant C. R. Kauffman
Lieutenant M. G. Berbes
Lieutenant R. W. Burke

Criminal Investigations Unit

Lieutenant J.L. Campbell

Animal Control

Officer S. J. Ayers
Officer L. J. Holsinger

Critical Incident Response Team
Lieutenant C. R. Kauffman, Team Leader

Captain D.P. Thibodeaux

Community Involvement/ Support Operations

Captain L. A. Miller, Deputy Chief of Police

Support Operations Unit
Lieutenant S. G. Bird
E9-1-1 Communications Center
Police Records Department
Parking Enforcement

Crime Prevention Unit
Sergeant K. A. Shifflett

Police Chaplains
Rev. Greg Czerniak
Rev. Carl Trost