Citizen Complaint

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The Staunton Police Department (SPD) strives to maintain a professional agency committed to the needs of the local community. Complaints about the actions of any police officer, SPD employee or any aspect of the operations of the SPD will be thoroughly investigated.

Filing a Complaint

There are three ways to make your complaint:

  1. In Person: Visit the Police Department on the basement floor of City Hall, 116 West Beverley Street, and tell us about your experience.
  2. By Phone: Call us at 540.332.3845 and share your comments over the phone.
  3. By Mail: Send a letter to the Chief of Police, Staunton Police Department, P.O. Box 2664, Staunton, Virginia 24402.

Once you request to file a formal complaint, a Staunton Police Command Officer will assist you in filling out a Report of Complaint Against Police Personnel form. The form requires that you identify yourself and provide specific details about your experience.

After we receive and process your complaint form, you will receive a letter from the Chief of Police acknowledging receipt of your complaint, informing you that an investigation has begun. You might be contacted to answer additional questions about your complaint during the investigation.

A completed investigation will undergo a review by the Chief of Police, and the Chief will send you a letter explaining the results of the investigation.

In 2019, there were five complaints filed against employees of the SPD.  If you would like additional information regarding filed complaints, you may contact the office of the Chief of Police at 540.332.3845.