SPD Reserves

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The SPD Reserve Corps is comprised of community members who volunteer their time to assist full-time sworn police officers. They are armed, uniformed peace officers who work in police vehicles along with full-time police officers and perform the same functions as regular, full-time police officers

The SPD Reserves continuously seeks qualified community members who meet the high standards necessary to become a Staunton reserve officer.

Reserve Officers have received numerous commendations for their actions in the field and are highly valued members of the SPD team.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application for membership
  • Must be in good physical and mental health with no disabling physical condition
  • Must possess a valid Virginia driver's license
  • Must not have history of criminal or improper personal conduct that may affect suitability for police work
  • Must possess a United States high school diploma or GED equivalent
  • United States citizenship required or have applied for citizenship
  • After graduating from the academy reserve officers are required to work a minimum of 10 hours every month and attend mandatory monthly reserve officer meetings.


Reserve officers receive the same training as full-time officers and work alongside them in every aspect of Department operations. Because of the standards, the selection process, and the training program for reserve officers, their acceptance by regular members of the Department has been extremely favorable.

Staunton’s reserves are required to be Level Two certified.  Training requires approximately 320 hours at an approved facility of the Department of Criminal Justice Services, with classroom and hands on training, including basic law, tactics and firearms. Reserve officers receive continuous training.


Police equipment and uniforms are provided. 

Application Process

If you are interested in serving as an SPD reserve officer, email Captain David Thibodeaux.