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Notice and Prohibition Against Discrimination

The City of Staunton is committed to equal opportunity and compliance otherwise with all nondiscrimination laws. The City of Staunton is an inclusive locality and environment.

The City of Staunton does not discriminate and prohibits unlawful discrimination and harassment against any person on the basis of race, creed, religion or religious belief, color, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, age, sex or gender, sexual orientation, disability, military or veteran status or on any unlawful basis.

No qualified person on the basis of disability will, on the basis of disability, be denied the benefits of local government services, programs, or activities. If any person has a disability or otherwise needs special consideration, the City welcomes contact and will provide information and address special needs in compliance with the law.

Any unlawful discrimination should be reported immediately to any City-designated person and any City department director, or to the City Manager or designee, or to any member of the Staunton City Council. Such discrimination also may be reported to any state or federal agency which is responsible for compliance with nondiscrimination laws, such as the U.S. Justice Department, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or any other federal or state agency with jurisdiction.

The City of Staunton also prohibits unlawful retaliation against any person who files a report or complaint about discrimination.

To contact the City Manager’s office to report any unlawful discrimination or retaliation or to request special arrangements because of disability, please call 540.332.3814.